System solutions

We call it "Flow of Energy"

We have a wide and deep range of components that together form part of Neotherm System solutions.
Our system solutions range from the small project to the very heavy task and can be large or small prefabricated solutions or traditional solutions and contribute to securing both craftsman and end user against errors and defects in the installations, as everything is well thought out and fits together.
With "Flow of Energy", together with the installation industry, we can move in several directions within value-creating and energy-efficient solutions.

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Own project department

We therefore have our own design and quotation department, established with AutoCad workstations and where employees work from an attitude of always providing an appropriate solution, both in terms of quality, documentation, function and economy.
The employees are all well educated with a broad technical knowledge, they have a practical background experience and they assist customers and partners on a daily basis with the preparation of dimensioning, quality assurance, documentation and calculation of tasks within the water and heating installation area as well as solutions for jet and air heating.
As a system provider, we therefore guarantee that the solutions we deliver are well-functioning in accordance with the requirements for our task.
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